A huge salvation

The Western Wall gave my brother his life back. My brother was a combat soldier in
the US Armed Forces, until he got severely injured during a military operation. We
didn’t know whether he would be able to lead a normal life, let alone return to his
lifestyle. I was extremely anxious for my brother's future. I heard from a friend about
the salvation that can be found at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, a place where God
listens to your prayers. He also told me about the tradition of writing down prayers
and placing them between the Wall's stones. I couldn’t travel anywhere at the time
because my brother needed me, and so I sent my prayer through this website. A
month and a half later, my brother returned to his military service, stronger than
ever. This absolutely changed his life! I urge you to do the same if you are in need of

Jennifer Cola

From: United States

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