Connecting Hearts and Prayers at the Western Wall

Welcome to our sacred online platform, where physical distance is bridged by faith, and prayers find their way to the revered Western Wall in Jerusalem. We are dedicated to offering you a unique and meaningful service, that allows you to send your heartfelt prayers and intentions to be placed at one of the holiest sites in the world.


Our mission is to build a virtual bridge between you and the Western Wall, enabling you to physically send your personal prayers to this historic place

We aim to honor the traditions and reverence associated with this iconic site, while embracing the potential that technology holds in expanding our spiritual practices.

What We Offer

Submit your prayers, wishes, and intentions online, to be then handwritten on selected pieces of paper

These prayer notes are then respectfully placed in the crevices of the Western Wall, a place where countless prayers have been offered throughout history.

Send us your Heartfelt Prayers and Wishes

And we will make sure they reach this historic and spiritual landmark, where prayers are answered and miracles happen!

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